Brooke Wetzel is a Montana contemporary oil painter of landscape and mood. Her artistic process began in childhood while spending time trying to emulate her father’s artistic skill and admiring the work of her great uncles who were illustrators for Walt Disney Studios. Being raised in both Montana and Central Idaho is where she learned to be explorative and developed a great love for the land. Inherently, her primary source of inspiration for her richly diverse subject matter comes from her time exploring the great outdoors.

 Impassioned by nature, particularly water and sunlight, Brooke’s art is characterized by movement, emotion, luminous light and reflection, with loosely brushed paint and areas of sharp focus. Whether it be extensive backpacking trips into the mountains or dropping the anchor of her boat and sleeping on the lake to watch the sun set and rise, she is on a constant quest for the “special effects” of nature. Spending time in the wilderness studying, photographing, and painting are essential to her work, as that is what informs her art.

At a young age, Brooke gained recognition with her art. Participating in mural paintings, having selected work in a Smithsonian Museum Tour, and placing in an American Patriotic art scholarship program were a few notable learning experiences for her early on.  It wasn’t until after she continued her education in business and settled down to begin a family that she realized her greatest joy and life calling was to express her view through a paintbrush. In 2009, young to the world of art and primarily a self-taught artist, she began to take her artistic skill more seriously. She has since spent a substantial amount of time learning independently and mentoring with other artists.

With a strong devotion to her growth and career as an artist, Brooke continues to make enormous strides. She has exhibited her work in solo shows along with several group exhibitions across the country. A few of her favorites include, The Russell: An Exhibition and Sale to Benefit the C. M. Russell Museum, The Outwest Art Show and Sale in Great Falls, MT, and the Traveling the West Art Show and Sale at the Southwest Gallery in Dallas, TX. Her art work is in many private residencies throughout the U. S.