my story

  Mysterious and fascinating, adventurous and strangely beautiful! There is nothing more truly romantic than God's creation. When the sky becomes illuminated at daybreak and nightfall or the sun is defused by a storm cloud, it causes aspects of nature to become quiet and subdued. It"s a numinous peace that speaks volumes to me. I am blessed to express that through a paintbrush.

 I was born in Montana, but spent most of my young childhood in the mountains of McCall, Idaho. If I wasn’t exploring the great outdoors you would find me watching my father at work on a sketch or admiring the work of my two great uncles who were illustrators for Walt Disney Studios. Their work became precious to me as my own artistic ability was ignited.  I learned that passion could not be manufactured, it is inherent. Doing what I love doing seems natural and I feel that my best expressions are painted.

      My studio is nestled  just steps from the backdoor of my quiet country home in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana where I share life with my husband, son and daughter. The three of them are my greatest motivation and supporters. Each day with them brings new ideas and inspiration to paint.